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Master Course

Sorry, this video is available ONLY IN RUSSIAN !!!

This complete step-by-step course consists of 9 detailed lessons, around 4 hours of video. To make the work comfortable, each video lesson includes a separate stage of the process of creating the toy.

Upon completion of the course you will:

1) Know, which materials and instruments are needed to create a hippo;
2) Go through all stages of creating the felted toy, from the very beginning to the final result. In the end of the work, you will get your own unique Hippo;
3) Learn to make the right basis for the toy and to form the volumes;
4) Learn the secrets of working with fine details (eyelids, ears);
5) Learn to make a moving head (connection with threads);
6) Learn to make the woolen toy completely felted and appropriately dense;
7) Learn the secrets of creating a velvet surface on the toy (working with reverse felting needle);

I will also show you how to make the hippo look lively (doing the tinting and attaching lashes)

The master course is shot from close distance and features detailed comments on the process. You will feel like you are working alongside with me, as you would do on a live session. And of course you will be able to pause and come back to the point that was unclear, or contact me directly with your questions.

This master course has been designed for beginners in the first place, but I think that it could be useful also for the more experienced handcrafters.

I hope that the basic knowledge that you will get in this course will enable you to create a toy of any animal you wish.

After making the payment you will get the download link. You will also get admitted to a closed Vkontakte group, where you can always ask me all the questions that arise during work, as well as to show others your new-born babies).

I will send you a personal message with the instructions on how to watch the video course.

As a GIFT, in addition to the course I will send you a PDF-book “4 Ways to Attach the Whiskers”.

Size: 1280×720 HD, 2,15 Gb

Course price: 63 USD