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About me


A warm welcome to all of you, my guests! I hope that you will like it here on this website, where you can get to know my woolen ‘babies’ and take the ones you like to your home 🙂

My name is Tatiana Barakova. I live in Russia, in the wonderful city of Saint Petersburg. I enjoyed painting from my youngest age, and nowadays this hobby helps me in creating my toys.

I have always been interested in author toys. At first I was making dolls out of textile, later turned to polymer clay, and then had a fancy for Teddy bears. In 2006 I came across a book on dry felting, got very interested to try it myself and found out, that this was the material I wanted to work with. Wool is a remarkably warm, pleasant and plastic material, so I have been using it exclusively in my work for almost 10 years already, and have been falling in love with it more and more. I love real animals, and woolen animal toys look most naturally. This is why there are mostly animal toys in my collection. I don’t enjoy making people very much 🙂

Occasionally I also take part in exhibitions. The most personally important one was the Teddybaer-Total which took place in 2014 in Münster, Germany. On this expo, I took the main prize in the section of felting, the ‘GOLDEN GEORGE’.


My dear friends, I would like to announce beforehand, that I do not take orders for toys. I need personal inspiration for work… So I would ask you to choose from the toys that are available at the moment. All the toys that you can find in the section of My Works, are already parts of private collections. All the toys available for purchase are presented in the section ‘Available Now’. If you live far from Russia, it’s certainly not a problem, as I ship my toys worldwide.

My toys are made of 100% New Zealand wool, fully hand-crafted in a single original. As the process is rather laborious, it takes 1.5- 2 weeks to make one toy.

I am very happy to have your visit!
With Love, Tatiana Barakova